Do natural farming, one cow earns Rs. 900 will get maintenance costs

Do natural farming, one cow earns Rs. 900 will get maintenance costs

Government's decision to double farmers' income through natural agriculture
The farmer who wants to avail the benefit has to apply on the 'I Farmer' portal
In order to give priority to indigenous cow based natural farming by the state government, farmers have to pay Rs. 900 i.e. a maximum of Rs. The government has shown readiness to do 10,800. To avail this assistance, farmers have to apply online on the 'I Farmer' portal. The amount to be sanctioned to the farmer will be Rs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided to deposit RTGS-DBT in the bank accounts of 2700 beneficiaries.

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Notably, the benefit will be available only to those who have domestic cows, not to those who have jerseys and foreign cows.

From the date of approval of application to the farmers in the available period of that quarter April to June quarter maintenance cost in July, July to September quarter maintenance cost in October, October to December quarterly maintenance cost in January and January to March quarterly maintenance cost in April. From the date of approval of the application for the available period of that quarter Rs. 900 will be paid for maintenance.

Who can benefit?
If the farmer wishing to avail the benefit of this scheme is eligible for the benefit, the applicant farmer should have a desi cow with identification tag at the time of application and should be doing natural farming with his dung urine or the benefit will be available after doing natural farming.

application steps::
1. Apply again by clicking on the "Apply New" button.

2. Click on the "Update Application" button to update the application.

3. Confirm once the application is correct.

4. Take a print out of the confirmed application.

. It is necessary to take a print out of the application. The print out of the online application should be taken and signed / thumbprinted and submitted to the office / office mentioned on the application within seven (7) days from the date of application. Or after the farmer has applied online on the iFarmer portal, his print can be taken, scanned by signing / thumbprinting, scanning and uploading on the portal by clicking on the "Uploaded Signed Copy of Application Print" menu. Wherever Jaya applies, the "Other Document Upload" menu also has the facility to upload scanned copies of the caste pattern. So that the farmer does not need to submit the application in person to the office. Uploading scanned copy in PDF format should not exceed 500 KB in size.

Currently, the farmers engaged in natural agriculture and the master trainer prepared after the training in natural agriculture, if they meet the eligibility criteria, they will be given priority in the approval.

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