Assistance in coaching for socially and educationally backward class students for pre-exam preparation

Assistance in coaching for socially and educationally backward class students for pre-exam preparation

Hard Drive Recovery & Repair Services

SERT’s hard drive data recovery engineers have advanced experience recovering files from all types of hard drive failures. Sometimes a hard drive must be repaired temporarily, in other words, it must function properly in order to recover the data.

Maybe you don’t really know where to start. You’re not sure which data recovery service knows how to fix hard drive failures, or who to trust.

HDD File Recovery

navigating hard drive repair can be like a ship in rough seas
Needing to recover files from a hard drive failure may make you feel as though you have set sail into uncharted waters.

Understanding the proper process of recovering data from a hard drive will help you navigate safely, and ensure the best results!
What are the most important steps to preserve highest potential success rate?
Why do prices vary so much between Hd recovery firms?
What is a realistic Hdd recovery process chronology?
How should I set my recovery expectations?
What are the common causes of Hd failure?

Below is a behind the scenes video of what a common hard drive repair (head swap) looks like, performed by one of our trained professional engineers.

Harddisk Recovery: What does hard disk repair have to do with recovering my files?
Didn’t you just want your files back? Of course you do, but what you might not know is: FIRST 1. a hard drive needs to actually work the way it did before it failed, before the files can be recovered.

Recovery Services: Hitachi Laptop Hard Drive Repair Video


If your hard disk has crashed, won’t boot anymore, your computer won’t recognize it, it’s making awful clicking or beeping noises…

OR JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE: hdd won’t work anymore and you cannot access your data, your hard drive is in a FAILED state.

Any failure must be temporarily repaired before the data can be recovered. This requires the drive to be brought to its original “working” state (temporarily repaired), in order to get your data.

A hard drive cannot be temporarily repaired without knowing EXACTLY what the cause of the failure was. The evaluation and data recovery process cannot move forward without an accurate and detailed diagnosis.
This is where a companies’ competence becomes a crucial factor.

Why does hard drive failure happen? (ie. Why is my hard drive clicking)
Most common hard drive failure symptoms:
Bad Sectors
Corrupt or Damaged Firmware
Failed, Failing, Crashed Read Write Heads
Scratched Platters
Deleted Data
Clicking or Beeping Noises
Drive not spinning
Drive not recognized
Drive not getting power
Drive smoking
Drive screeching or scraping
Drive knocking

The most important part of data recovery is determining why your hard drive has failed, what is preventing access to your files..

Recovering your data is almost always possible if you have immediately turned off the drive, and a data recovery firm who understands hard drive failures gets involved.
Every manufacturer and drive model has it’s own weaknesses, and unique utilities required for repair.
In many situations it is impossible to recover data from dead hard drives, without these advanced disk repair utilities.

Portable and External hard drive recovery:
hard drive problemsRecovery after external hard drive repair is one of the most common cases we recover.

External hard drives are most prone to failure because they are portable.
They are often transported in backpacks and briefcases, are easily tipped over, and have very little protection against shock.

We recover data from hard drive manufacturers of all kinds. Below is a list of internal and external drive manufacturers our engineers work with on a daily basis, in our recovery lab.

About 50% of the time, the cases where parts are required is when an external hard drive has been dropped, or suffered from some sort of impact.
Western Digital

Over 20 years of hard drive diagnostic experience
SERT specializes in advanced diagnosis and repair of hard drives, all makes and models, whatever issue it may have.ide 2.5 inch drive image
The ability to properly diagnose your drive can often be the factor that determines whether your data is successfully recovered, or lost forever.
TIP: When repairs are needed they are only temporary, and strictly for recovery purposes, not to restore the drive again in your system.

The policies and procedures a company follow to recover data from hard drive cases greatly impacts their outcome, and ultimately determines success.
We are talking about your personal and important files, aren’t we? So you have a very important decision to make.

Come back and click below to see our video about how we recovered 100% data from a hard drive out of a car fire!best hard drive brand is western digital

Common cases we successfully recover 100% files:
I have a clicking hard drive that I need my photos off of. They are very important and my computer does not recognize it.
Damaged hard drive from a drop. Making beeping noises please help
My drive is corrupted, takes forever to load my files and can’t copy them off the drive.
I need recovery of my dead hard drive. It won’t power up and no computer recognizes it. Not spinning or anything
Need to recover data from hard drive that is not working anymore.
I accidentally formatted my drive and need recovery, tried software and can’t get anything off my hard drive.
Best Buy said my hard drive was crashed and need a clean room recovery.
My hard disk failed. Computer guy said I need a clean room. I tried to hook it up to multiple computers but none of them see it.
Was told I have a bad hard drive but i need my data from it. It’s very important files that I can’t live without.

Do affordable, transparent, discreet, and effective Hdd recovery services exist? The recovery team at SERT Data understands that you need answers, and you probably have very little you have hard drive failure. But

You need a recovery company you can trust, who is qualified and capable of getting your files back. Someone who is going to treat your situation as if it were their own child’s first 3 years of baby pictures on that drive.

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