How to Recover Whatsapp Old messages

How to Recover Whatsapp Old messages
WhatsApp brings new features to its users every day. WhatsApp is considered to be the best medium of communication these days and for this reason its size is also increasing day by day. Due to the increase in size, if one wants to watch an old chat, it takes a lot of effort.

WhatsApp is going to add a new feature soon considering the difficulties faced by such users. If you want to find messages sent / received on a particular day, then this feature can be easily found by date i.e. by date.

The facility is currently under development, with testing underway, according to a report from Wabetainfo. But it will come soon. This feature can be used first in iPhone, then it will also be introduced for Android devices.

Restore from a Google Drive backup
In order to successfully restore a Google Drive backup, you need to use the same phone number and Google account used to create the backup.

To restore your backup:
  • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp and verify your number.
  • When prompted, tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive.
  • After the restoration process is complete, tap NEXT. Your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete.
  • WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files after your chats are restored.
  • If you install WhatsApp without any prior backups from Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore from your local backup file.
Restore from a local backup
If you want to use a local backup, you'll need to transfer the files to the new phone using a computer, file explorer or SD Card.

Your phone will store up to the last seven days worth of local backup files.
Local backups will be automatically created every day at 2:00 AM and saved as a file in your phone.
If your data isn't stored in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder, you might see "internal storage" or "main storage" folders.

A calendar icon is being added to WhatsApp, after this, users will start seeing the calendar icon on WhatsApp. When you tap the calendar icon, WhatsApp will show the date selector. Here you can view the message by selecting the date of your choice.

Notably, Facebook has recently introduced the Messenger Rooms feature. This allows users to connect up to 50 people at once on a single video call. The good news is that social media giant Facebook has also introduced it for Instagram and WhatsApp. Room feature on the Android version of WhatsApp has been slowly launched. WhatsApp users can also make calls to new rooms with integration, as well as join rooms.

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