GSHSEB Video preparation for students std 12

GSHSEB Video preparation for students std 12
Harvard graduate school Online offers a singular and highly engaging thanks to learn vital business concepts. Our programs are designed to bring the Harvard graduate school classroom to you, and are built around three key characteristics: active, case-based, and social.

HBS Online courses are nothing sort of a typical sit-back-and-listen lecture. You’ll engage during a new activity every three to 5 minutes—think polls, problem-solving exercises, short essays, and therefore the famed HBS “Cold Call,” where you’re asked randomly to succinctly state your position on a problem during a matter of minutes. Each element is meant to stay you interested, involved, and on your toes.

The Gujarat board was formed on the idea of 'The Gujarat education Act 1972'. and conducts the state level exam. the most academic task of GSEB is that the preparation of syllabus for secondary schools and also the advice of text-books to be taught in government schools also as registered private schools. The Board also performs the duties of recognizing new schools, performance evaluation of colleges and inspections of various schools.


Immerse yourself in real-world learning. Lessons are delivered to life through cases, which put you within the shoes of business leaders. Hear firsthand the challenges they faced, and wrestle with equivalent issues and imperfect information. As you discuss and debate solutions together with your classmates, you'll learn vital business concepts you'll apply in your own career.


Engaging together with your peers may be a big a part of what makes HBS Online unique. You exchange ideas, offer input, and hunt down viewpoints from a community of learners gathered from around the globe. within the process, you learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, and leave the program with a broader outlook on the planet .

The main responsibilities of the Board include academics, conducting examinations and research and development. The board is liable for registration and administration of upper secondary and secondary schools within the state of Gujarat.

The GSEB conducts 2 (including 4-semester type examinations) main examinations - The lyceum Certificate (SSC) exam for normal 10 and thus the upper Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC)examination for normal XI-XII students in Gujarat. The Board also holds a Talent look for students of Std VIII & IX in five major subjects per annum . it's divided into 2 major parts.

At HBS Online, you'll experience real-world learning in two different ways:

Through Our Course Platform: Complete coursework on your own time while meeting regular deadlines.

In Our Real-Time Online Classroom: Log in at a group time and have interaction accept faculty members and peers.

Each learning experience is made around our three pillars—case-based, active, and social—and feature renowned Harvard graduate school faculty. Through each, you'll join a community of like-minded peers from round the world who are committed to furthering their education and careers.

This isn’t your typical online business education. allow us to show you.

The Gujarat Secondary and better education Board or GSEB could also be a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state's secondary and better secondary educational system takes

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