Food Distribution System 7 To 12 May Full Info.

Food Distribution System 7 To 12 May Full Info.

The state government had arranged Food Distribution System 7 To 12 May of foodgrains to BPL card holders amidst a lockdown. Thursday was the last day of the second phase of foodgrain distribution. In which, on an average, 87 percent of the foodgrains were distributed to the beneficiaries.

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The Third phase of distribution of foodgrains from 7 May To 12 May in the second phase

from 7 May To 12 Ma of the day distribution. The total number of BPL cardholders in Gujarat.

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani on the occasion of the 90th founding day of the state of Gujarat in the current Coronavirus infection and lockdown situation. An important announcement has been made to give the gift of May 1 to the middle-class families of the state.
food Distribution Announce by CM Vijaybhai Rupani

On the occasion of Gujarat Foundation Day, the Chief Minister announced this important gift in a public message urging all the citizens of the state to show vigilance and fight against the spread of Coronavirus. He said that there are 31 lakh middle-class APL-1 cardholders in the state. Crore people next date. Thursday 5th May During the five days of May 1, 10 kg of wheat, 2 kg of rice, 1 kg of dal and 1 kg of sugar per family will be distributed free of cost from government-approved cheap food shops.

The Chief Minister has made this important announcement with the feeling that no citizen has to go to bed hungry in the current situation in the state. The distribution of this grain is estimated at Rs. The state government will provide Rs 200 crore.

The Chief Minister has also given another gift to such families on the occasion of Gujarat Foundation Day with the commitment to provide health protection cover to 3 lakh families holding Maa-Vatsalyam and Maa-Amritam Yojana cards.

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