CM Vijay Rupani started I am also a Corona Warrior campaign,Will last for a week

CM Vijay Rupani started I am also a Corona Warrior campaign,Will last for a week

Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani on Wednesday announced the "I am also a Corona Warrior" campaign. The campaign will try to create awareness so that people do not go out of the house unnecessarily and the corona does not spread further as the lockdown has eased. The campaign, which runs from May 21 to 27, will be based on three issues.

There are three issues covered: keeping parents and children indoors, not leaving the house without a mask and without a need, and maintaining a distance of two yards. Many dignitaries will also join the campaign. There will also be a variety of indoor-online activities related to the campaign.

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Now it is time to live with Corona and fight Corona. The war against Corona is something we all have to fight together.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that in the 2-month lockdown, the daily earners, traders and business people were in trouble. We are planning to give a loan of Rs 1 lakh at 2% interest per annum from tomorrow so that such people can stand strong. People are given a period of getting up quickly and not paying interest for 6 months.

And arranged to repay his loan in 3 years. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It also has tasks to keep people interested. I also took a selfie with my grandparents on May 22 and uploaded it to social media with the hashtag Corona Warriors.

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