NCERT Books in Hindi & English Medium / NCERT Books for Class 10 All Subjects

NCERT Books in Hindi & English Medium  /  NCERT Books for Class 10 All Subjects

NCERT Books for Class 10 All Subjects – Maths (गणित) & Maths Solutions, Science (विज्ञान), Social Science –History – इतिहास, Geography – भूगोल, Civics & Economics, हिंदी, संस्कृत and English in PDF form for 2020-21.NCERT and Solutions of all subjects for class 10 are also in the form of PDF file to download. Download Class 10 NCERT Solutions Apps for offline in Hindi & English Medium for offline free.

NCERT Books For Class 10 All Subjects

Class: 10
Contents: NCERT Books
Medium: English & Hindi Medium

NCERT Books For Class 10 In Hindi & English Medium
Download NCERT books for class 10 all subjects for High Secondary (High School NCERT textbooks for UP Board Also) in Hindi Medium (Class 10 Maths in Hindi & Class 10 Science in Hindi) and English medium PDF format. All books are given below in separate chapters. NCERT solutions are also available to download in PDF form.

NCERT Books For Class 10 Maths
Chapter 1: Real Numbers
Chapter 2: Polynomials
Chapter 3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations
Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression
Chapter 6: Triangles
Chapter 7: Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 8: Introduction to Trigonometry
Chapter 9: Some Applications of Trigonometry
Chapter 10: Circles
Chapter 11: Constructions
Chapter 12: Area Related to Circles
Chapter 13: Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 14: Statistics
Chapter 15: Probability

Class 10 Maths Books (Hindi Medium)
पाठ 1: वास्तविक संख्याएँ
पाठ 2: बहुपद
पाठ 3: दो चर वाले रैखिक समीकरण युग्म
पाठ 4: द्विघात समीकरण
पाठ 5: समांतर श्रेढियाँ
पाठ 6: त्रिभुज
पाठ 7: निर्देशांक ज्यामिति
पाठ 8: त्रिकोणमिति का परिचय
पाठ 9: त्रिकोणमिति के कुछ अनुप्रयोग
पाठ 10: वृत
पाठ 11: रचनाएँ
पाठ 12: वृत्तों से संबंधित क्षेत्रफल
पाठ 13: पृष्ठीय क्षेत्रफल और आयतन
पाठ 14: सांख्यिकी
पाठ 15: प्रायिकता

NCERT Books For Class 10 Science
Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and Equations
Chapter 2: Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 3: Metals and Non-Metals
Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds
Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements
Chapter 6: Life Processes
Chapter 7: Control and Coordination
Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce?
Chapter 9: Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 10: Light – Reflection and Refraction
Chapter 11: Human Eye and Colourful World
Chapter 12: Electricity
Chapter 13: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 14: Sources of Energy
Chapter 15: Our Environment
Chapter 16: Management of Natural Resources

Class 10 Science Books (Hindi Medium)
पाठ 1: रासायनिक अभिक्रियाएं एवं समीकरण
पाठ 2: अम्ल, क्षारक एवं लवण
पाठ 3: धातु एवं अधातु
पाठ 4: कार्बन एवं उसके यौगिक
पाठ 5: तत्वों का आवर्त वर्गीकरण
पाठ 6: जैव प्रक्रम
पाठ 7: नियंत्रण एवं समन्वय
पाठ 8: जीव जनन कैसे करते हैं?
पाठ 9: आनुवंशिकता एवं जैव विकास
पाठ 10: प्रकाश – परावर्तन तथा अपवर्तन
पाठ 11: मानव नेत्र तथा रंगबिरंगा संसार
पाठ 12: विधुत
पाठ 13: विधुत धरा के चुंबकीय प्रभाव
पाठ 14: ऊर्जा के स्रोत
पाठ 15: हमारा पर्यावरण
पाठ 16: प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का प्रबंधन

NCERT Books For Class 10 Social Science

History (India and The Contemporary World – II)
Chapter 1: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Chapter 2: Nationalism in India
Chapter 3: The Making of a Global World
Chapter 4: The Age of Industrialisation
Chapter 5: Print Culture and The Modern World

Geography (Contemporary India – II)
Chapter 1: Resources and Development
Chapter 2: Forest and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3: Water Resources
Chapter 4: Agriculture
Chapter 5: Minerals and Energy Resources
Chapter 6: Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 7: Lifelines of National Economy

Political Science (Democratic Politics -II)
Chapter 1: Power Sharing
Chapter 2: Federalism
Chapter 3: Democracy and Diversity
Chapter 4: Gender, Religion and Caste
Chapter 5: Popular Struggles and Movements
Chapter 6: Political Parties
Chapter 7: Outcomes of Democracy
Chapter 8: Challenges to Democracy

Economics (Understanding Economic Development)
Chapter 1: Development
Chapter 2: Sectors of the Indian Economy
Chapter 3: Money and Credit
Chapter 4: Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Chapter 5: Consumer Rights

NCERT Books For Class 10 Social Science In Hindi

इतिहास (भारत और समकालीन विश्व – II)
Chapter 1: यूरोप में राष्ट्रवाद का उदय
Chapter 2: भारत में राष्ट्रवाद
Chapter 3: भूमंडलीकृत विश्व का बनना
Chapter 4: औद्योगिकीकरण का युग
Chapter 5: मुद्रण संस्कृति और आधुनिक दुनिया

भूगोल (समकालीन भारत – II)
Chapter 1: संसाधन और विकास
Chapter 2: वन और वन्यजीव संसाधन
Chapter 3: जल संसाधन
Chapter 4: कृषि
Chapter 5: खनिज और ऊर्जा संसाधन
Chapter 6: विनिर्माण उद्योग
Chapter 7: राष्ट्रीय अर्थव्यवस्था की जीवन रेखाएँ

राजनीति विज्ञान (लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति -II)
Chapter 1: सत्ता की साझेदारी
Chapter 2: संघवाद
Chapter 3: लोकतंत्र और विविधता
Chapter 4: जाति, धर्म और लैंगिक मसले
Chapter 5: जन-संघर्ष और आंदोलन
Chapter 6: राजनीतिक दल
Chapter 7: लोकतंत्र के परिणाम
Chapter 8: लोकतंत्र की चुनौतियाँ

अर्थशास्त्र (आर्थिक विकास की समझ)
Chapter 1: विकास
Chapter 2: भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था के क्षेत्रक
Chapter 3: मुद्रा और साख
Chapter 4: वैश्वीकरण और भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
Chapter 5: उपभोक्ता अधिकार

NCERT Books For Class 10 English
First Flight

Chapter 1. A Letter to God
Chapter 2. Nelson Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom
Chapter 3. Two Stories about Flying
Chapter 4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
Chapter 5. The Hundred Dresses–I
Chapter 6. The Hundred Dresses–II
Chapter 7. Glimpses of India
Chapter 8. Mijbil the Otter
Chapter 9. Madam Rides the Bus
Chapter 10. The Sermon at Benares
Chapter 11. The Proposal

Chapter 1. A Triumph of Surgery
Chapter 2. The Thief’s Story
Chapter 3. The Midnight Visitor
Chapter 4. A Question of Trust
Chapter 5. Footprints without Feet
Chapter 6. The Making of a Scientist
Chapter 7. The Necklace
Chapter 8. The Hack Driver
Chapter 9. Bholi
Chapter 10. The Book That Saved the Earth


A Textbook for English Course (Communicative) – Friction (Prose)
Chapter 1: Two Gentlemen Of Verona by A.J. Cronin
Chapter 2: Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger by Saki
Chapter 3: The Letter by Dhumaketu
Chapter 4: A Shady Plot by Elsie Brown
Chapter 5: Patol Babu, Film Star by Satyajit Ray
Chapter 6: Virtually True by Paul Stewart

Chapter 1: The Frog and the Nithtingale by Vikram Seth
Chapter 2: Mirror by Sylvia Plath
Chapter 3: Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments (Sonnet 55) by William Shakespeare
Chapter 4: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Chapter 5: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Chapter 6: Snake by D.H. Lawrence

Chapter 1: The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton
Chapter 2: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Chapter 1: Health and Medicine
Chapter 2: Education
Chapter 3: Science
Chapter 4: Environment
Chapter 5: Travel and Tourism
Chapter 6: National Integration

Chapter 1: Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
Chapter 2: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

NCERT Books For Class 10 Hindi
Hindi – Course A – NCERT BookS

KRITIKA – कृतिका
Chapter 1: माता का अँचल
Chapter 2: जॉर्ज पंचम की नाक
Chapter 3: साना – साना हाथ जोड़ि…
Chapter 4: एही ठैयाँ झुलनी हेरानी हो रामा!
Chapter 5: मैं क्यों लिखता हूँ?
Chapter 5: लेखक परिचय

KSHITIJ – क्षितिज
Chapter 1: सूरदास
Chapter 2: तुलसीदास
Chapter 3: देव
Chapter 4: जयशंकर प्रसाद
Chapter 5: सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’
Chapter 6: नागार्जुन
Chapter 7: गिरिजा कुमार माथुर
Chapter 8: ऋतुराज
Chapter 9: मंगलेश डबराल
Chapter 10: स्वयं प्रकाश
Chapter 11: रामवृक्ष बेनीपुरी
Chapter 12: यशपाल
Chapter 13: सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना
Chapter 14: मन्नू भंडारी
Chapter 15: महावीर प्रसाद द्विवेदी
Chapter 16: यतीन्द्र मिश्रा
Chapter 17: भदंत आनंद कौसल्यायन

स्पर्श (पद्य)
पाठ 1: Kabeer – Saakhi
पाठ 2: Meera – Padd
पाठ 3: Bihari – Dohe
पाठ 4: Mathilisharan Gupt – Manushyata
पाठ 5: Sumitranandan Pant – Parvat Pradesh Ke Pawas
पाठ 6: Mahadevi Verma – Madhur Madhur Mere Deepak Jal
पाठ 7: Viren Dandwal – Top
पाठ 8: Kafee Azmi – Kar Chale Ham Fida
पाठ 9: Ravindra Nath Thakur – Aatmrin

स्पर्श(गद्य )पाठ 1: Premchand – Bade Bhi Sahab
पाठ 2: Sitaram Seksariya – Dairy Ka Eak Panna
पाठ 3: Leeladhar Mandloi – Tantara Vamiro Katha
पाठ 4: Prahlad Aggarwal – Tisari Kasam Ke Shilpkar Shalendra
पाठ 5: Anton Chekhav – Girgit
पाठ 6: Nida Phazali – Ab Kahan Doosron Ke Dukh Se Dukhi Hone Wale
पाठ 7: Ravindra Kelekar – Patjhar Ki Tooti Pattiyan
पाठ 8: Habeeb Tanveer – Kartoos (Akanki)

पाठ 1: Mithileshwar – Harihar Kaka
पाठ 2: Gurdyal Singh – Sapno Ke Se Din
पाठ 3: Rahi Masoom Raza – Topi Shukla
Lekhak Parichaya

NCERT Books For Class 10 Sanskrit
प्रथमः पाठः – शुचिपर्यावरणम
द्वितीयः पाठः – गुणवती कन्या
तृतीयः पाठः – शिशुलालनम
चतुर्थः पाठः – व्यायामः सर्वदा पथ्यः
पञ्चमः पाठः – बुद्धिर्बलवती सदा
षष्ठः पाठः – सुभाषितानि
सप्तमः पाठः – भूकम्पविभीषिका
अष्टमः पाठः – प्रश्नत्रयम
नवमः पाठः – प्राणेभ्योपि प्रियः सुहृद
दशमः पाठः – अन्योक्तयः
एकादशः पाठः – विचित्रः साक्षी
द्वादशः पाठः – जीवनं विभवं विना

प्रथम अध्याय – वर्ण विचार
द्वितीय अध्याय – संज्ञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरण
तृतीय अध्याय – सन्धि
चतुर्थ अध्याय – सब्दरूप – सामान्य परिचय
पंचम अध्याय – धातुरूप – सामान्य परिचय
षष्ठ अध्याय – उपसर्ग
सप्तम अध्याय – अव्यय
अष्टम अध्याय – प्रत्यय
नवम अध्याय – समास परिचय
दशम अध्याय – कारक और विभक्ति
एकादशः अध्याय – वाच्य परिवर्तन
द्वादश अध्याय – रचना प्रयोग

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