Amazing Picture Of 9 minute Diwali: fight Against Corona

Amazing Picture Of 9 minute Diwali: fight Against Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the countrymen to turn off the lights of the entire house for 9 minutes on Sunday, April 5, at 9 pm and light a lamp or a candle. The PM has appealed to his country to show solidarity in the fight against the Corona virus. Since then, it is being feared that if the entire country will shut down electricity and turn it on simultaneously, it could have an impact on the grid. There may be grid failures, which may cause the country to remain in darkness for the next few days. At the same time, it was said that due to low voltage, TV, freeze and fan can be cracked. However, now the energy ministry of the Government of India has overcome these fears. The ministry has said that nothing like this will happen. All these apprehensions are wrong.

Freeze, no TV, just turn off the house lights

The energy ministry has said that PA Modi has appealed to turn off the lights of houses, not other power tools. At the same time, street lights will also be on so that the security of the common people is not compromised. Instructions have been issued to the states for turning on street lights.

pesidents of the national capital on Sunday night joined people across the country in expressing India's resolve to collectively fight Covid-19 , lighting up diyas, candles and flashing torchlight from mobile phones in a symbolic gesture of solidarity following the prime minister's call.

Much before the designated time of 9 pm, people switched off lights at their homes while lamps and candles lit up the streets as people stood in their balconies and at entrance doors in unison.\

The Ministry of Power vigilant for those nine minutes

Earlier on Friday, all the aspects were discussed at a key meeting in the power ministry of the central government. It is widely believed that with the switching off of the lights, the demand for electricity will not be low enough to cause the grid to fail. Despite this, all alternative arrangements should be prepared so that any emergency can be encountered. However, problems with the grid may not come up, but due to the lockdown, the demand for electricity in the country has already gone down further.

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