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Gujarat govt extends electricity bill payment deadline; waives fixed charges for shopkeepers

Government Provides Relief in Electricity Bills

The state government extended the electricity bill payment deadline to May 15
The govt also waived off fixed electricity charges for shopkeepers for the month of April

Ahmedabad: In a big relief for shopkeepers and industrialists, the Gujarat government on Thursday announced that no fixed charges will be levied in the electricity bills of industrialists and shopkeepers for the month of April. They will only be charged for their actual electricity usage, confirmed Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

The Gujarat CM also announced that the last date to pay electricity bills for the months of March and April has been extended till May 15.

The announcement has come amid the 21-day nationwide lockdown which has been imposed to fight the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the country.

Earlier in the day, Railways identified new hostel building of Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project training institute in Gujarat as backup quarantine centre to accommodate the suspected and confirmed coronavirus patients.

As per official reports, the new rail training institute in Gujarat's Vadodara offered as quarantine centre has 168 rooms, 334beds and 12 big common rooms.

Meanwhile, Gujarat reported its third coronavirus-related death today. A 74-year-old man died in Bhavnagar district after contracting coronavirus disease.In view of the lockdown in India due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19 epidemic), the Government of India has now released a relief package for power companies. 24-hour electricity Insurance supply and no charge when the bill is late. In a statement issued by the government, it is said that electricity Insurance consumers will not be able to pay electricity bills for the next three months.

Let us say that there is a 21-day lockdown in the country due to coronavirus. Due to which the business in the country is almost stable. Companies are hurt.

That is why the government has taken huge steps in the first three days.

The government has made a number of big advertisements ranging from free rations to home loan, car loan and credit card EMI payments.

How customers will benefitThe CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) will not impose late charge surcharges etc. on power distribution companies. Simply put, distribution companies will not charge consumers late fees or penalties.

If you can’t pay the bill during this time then you can pay more. There will be no additional charge. Through all these steps, the government aims to provide electricity Insurance 24 hours a day for seven days.

Government announcement on electricity Insurance.Under the new decision, the government has allowed the companies to distribute electricity Insurance, meaning that these companies can pay the dues of the power generation companies later. Electricity distribution companies will continue to receive electricity Insurance.

They will not be asked to pay immediately. Electricity distribution companies will also have to pay only 50% of the upfront payment. As you can tell that 70% of the electricity Insurance in the country is made up of coal, hence the supply of coal will not be allowed to interfere, hence the railways have been asked to assist in the transportation of coal.

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