Clinikk launches insurance plan for Coronavirus gets treatment for Rs 499

Clinikk launches insurance plan for Coronavirus gets treatment for Rs 499

In view of the growing outbreak of the Coronavirus, Clinikk has launched an insurance plan in India. According to a company statement, this insurance product will help treat clients and their families. The company claims that the plan is designed to provide 360-degree coverage to consumers' health needs when infected with the Coronavirus. The new insurance plan starts at Rs 499 annually.

According to Sanjay Baliga, Co-Founder of Clinic Healthcare, this new plan has been created according to the treatment of all infections. In addition, he has launched a free telecommunication facility for the people. With it, people can get answers to questions about the disease by calling 8861188846.

What to get in the plan?
The Corona Virus Support Plan covers both primary care and financial security. Customers get full treatment including consultation with a doctor, 24 × 7 doctor's assistance, and insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh on admission to any hospital associated with the coronavirus. Some steps in this plan can be purchased at In addition, the clinic also offers an all-in-one insurance solution offer. Designed with business and corporate sector staff in mind

The number of infected in the country has increased to 171
The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country has dropped to 171. This has led to the deaths of 3 people in India so far. In view of the growing outbreak of coronavirus, the Government of India has announced that patients with coronary virus (Covid-19) symptoms will be treated free of cost under Indusman Bharat-PM Jan Health Scheme (PMJAY). National Health Authority (NHA) CEO According to Indu Bhushan, the symptoms that can be treated under Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY include pneumonia, fever etc.


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