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Reliance Jio gave consumers another tweak, a reduction in Internet speed

Reliance Jio gave consumers another tweak, a reduction in Internet speed

Reliance Jio reduces internet speeds by half after reaching ‘daily limit’ in new Dhan Dhana Dhan plans

Key Highlights
  • Jio's new plans came into play from Diwali.
  • Earlier Jio was allowing customers to browse at 128 Kbps post data consumption limit.
  • Jio will now allow customers to browse at 64Kbps post reaching daily limit.
In another revision of tariff plans, Mukesh Ambani backed telecom operator Reliance Jio tweaked its Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer last week. The revised offers came into effect from Diwali – October 19.

Along with price changes to the previous Dhan Dhana Dhan offers Jio also revised its usage policy on the data limit.

Jio’s website reads that customers will have to browse at 64 kilobytes per second post consumption of their ‘daily limit’ on data plans.

“Unlimited data signifies Daily Limit at High Speed, followed by unlimited at 64 Kbps,” Jio said.

Earlier customers were allowed to cruise at reduced data speeds of 128 Kbps post conclusion of their daily data limit.

We had arlier reported that the speed of 128 Kbps was not broadband as Jio claimed to offer its customers. Now the operator has reduced speeds further.

Jio had earlier revised its Dhan Dhana Dhan offer in July. The plan was introduced in April this year as the company started charging its customers.

Interestingly the company has renamed the ‘Data at 4G speed’ section as ‘Data at High Speed,’ which does not specify the network speed for tariff plans.

Data to be consumed at Jio’s ‘high speed’ have been lowered for certain similar priced plans from the previous offers. For instance its Rs 96 plan valid for seven days would give customers 1GB per day.

Now under its Rs 98 plan customers can avail only 0.15GB daily limit and 2.1GB ‘data at high speed’ for a total of 14 days.

The cheapest plan on Jio’s prepaid network is now Rs 52 instead of the earlier Rs 19. And the ‘daily limit’ of internet usage on Jio’s tariff plans have also been changed by the company.

Take a look at Jio's prepaid plans before and after revision:
Old Plans: (As on July 31, 2017)

Revised Plans: (As on October 19, 2017)

For the company’s flagship Rs 399 plan the validity has been revised downward to 70 days from the earlier 84 days. Customers will now get only 70GB data at daily limit of 1GB per day

Jio has also done away with its Rs 9,999 scheme and now the highest plan under prepaid is for Rs 4,999 offering 350GB for 360 days.

Jio still maintains that voice calls on its network will be ‘truly free.’ “Voice is truly free – no charge towards voice or the data used to make 4G voice calls.”

In all of its plans Jio is also offering unlimited local, STD and roaming calls along with 'unlimited' SMS which will be capped at 100 per day.

In light of misuse regarding plans, Jio said, “RJIL reserves the right to discontinue the free Voice benefits offered as part of this Plan in case of misuse/ fr

Competition has increased a lot in the broadband sector as in the telecom sector. This is the reason why many changes are now taking place. First of all, Reliance Jio Fiber has started making changes. According to a report, some users took to Twitter to say that Geo Fiber has reduced the internet speed associated with the connection. The user said that the limit of upload speed available on Geo Fiber has now been decided. Although the upload speed was lower than the download speed available at connection time, users are now getting less speed.

Increased competition in the broadband sector as well
Reliance Jio cuts Internet speed
Users are disappointed with the loss of 90% speed
Decreased speed by 90 percent

On Twitter, the user wrote that the upload speed with Geo Fiber connection is now only 10% compared to the original speed. To put it simply, users are now getting 10Mbps speed when taking a plan with 100Mbps speed.

Effect of capping on upload speed
It is important to understand that whenever an internet provider offers an internet connection to the user, the download and upload speed are the same. If a user has taken a data plan of 100Mbps speed it will get 100Mbps speed for download and upload. While Twitter users say that the changes made to Reliance Jio Fiber are causing them a lot of change in uploading and downloading content. So now Geo Fiber's 1Gbps plan subscribers are getting 100Mbps upload speed.

Users who use the in-house geo-fiber connection to play online multiplayer games will be disappointed with the drop in upload speed. It will also upset users who upload content to the Internet.

Geo Fiber is now taking money from users
Reliance Jio Fiber has started taking money from users a few days ago. It includes new users as well as users to whom the company was offering free service of Geo Fiber in the preview offer. The reason behind providing free service was that the company said the billing system was not ready. Now this system is ready. So users have to pay for the Geo Fiber service.

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