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Download Pragna Material|Pragna Ayojan|Pragna Varshik Ayojan Maths And Gujarati|Test Papers And Activities|Vanchan Ganan|Lekhan Material @

Download Pragna Material|Pragna Ayojan|Pragna Varshik Ayojan Maths And Gujarati|Test Papers And Activities|Vanchan Ganan|Lekhan Material @

PRAGNA REORIENTATION TEACHER TRAINING MODULE · Pragna Elementary Specialist Training · Pragna Elementary Teacher Training

PRAGNA VARG MA NAVIN JODAYEL SIXAKO MATE. ... Pragna std 1,2 nu 2018-19 ma badlayel syllabus mujab nu navu ayojan download karva. ... (*) PRAGNA VARG AGATY NI MAHITI

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New Pragna Materials Download Latest Pragna Karypranali New Paripatra by GCERT and Education Department of Gujarat
Download Pragna Karypranali : Click Here
  • It provides children a platform to learn through experience.
  • It gives them opportunity to learn at their level.
  • PRAGNA concept gives a child an exposure to various project work.
  • It helps child learning how to learn.
  • It offers a chance to learn from peers and their teachers.
  • The children's continuoes and comprehensive evaluation is stress free and embedded.
  • The children are learning without fear and burden.

Download Samuh karya Maths : Click Here
Download Samuh karya Gujarati : Click here
Classroom Dividation Formula :
The Pragna Classroom is child friendly place for children where they would love to come and learn. It is a place where the material is within their reach and they also have freedom to use there material as per their need.
Download Varg Vibhajan Samaj : Click Here
Subject Classroom: There are subject specific rooms instead of common classroom. The subject specific rooms are designed keeping in such a way that the child can have an easy access to the material related to particular subject. Separate room for Language-EVS and Mathematics- Rainbow activities are organized in the schools.

Seating Arrangement: Children as well as teacher also sit on the floor rather than table-chair, benches or any kind of fixed furniture, Carpet or mat is provided to all the schools.

PRAGNA VARSHIK AAYOJAN FOR STANDARD - 1 & 2 New Pragna Varshik Ayojan is available for Satandard 1 and 2. You can Donload Pragna ayojan from below link. If you like this Post of Pragna Materials Please share to your Friends.
For Maths : FILE 1 | FILE 2
For Gujarati: FILE 1 | FILE 2
Pragna Teaching Learning Material ( TLM ) List
Download Pragna TLM List Maths : Click here
Download Pragna TLM List Gujarati: Click Here
Pragna Textbook And Pragna Teacher Handbook Physical Environment of Pragna Classroom:Rack and Tray, Ladder, Group Chart, Student Slate, Teacher Slate, Student Progress Chart, Display, Learning Card / Activity Card, Workbooks, Flash Cards, Game Board, Early Reader, Pictorial Dictionary, Rainbow Activity, Student Profile, Student Portfolio, EVS Project Sheets, Mathematics Practice Book, Gujarati Vachanmala, EVS – Manan, Teachers' Handbook, Training Module, TLM Box, Training CD, Advocacy CD, Advertisement CD and Jingle, Pragna Song.
  1. Teachers Handbook - Gujarati
  2. Teachers Handbook - Maths
  3. Sachitra Balpothi - Gujarati Std 1 & 2
  4. WorkBook - Gujarati (Std -1)
  5. WorkBook - Gujarati (Std -2)
  6. WorkBook - Maths (Std -1)
  7. WorkBook - Maths (Std -2)
  8. Progress Register Gujarati Std-1
  9. Progress Register Gujarati Std-2
  10. Progress Register Maths Std-1
  11. Progress Register Maths Std-2
  12. Number Cards (Ank Card) Std 1 & 2
  13. Ladder chart - Gujarati Std 1 & 2
  14. Ladder Chart - Maths Std 1 & 2
  15. Card-Gujarati (Std-1)
  16. Card-Gujarati (Std-2)
Thanks to Mr. Sujay Patel Thasra and Mr. K.J. Parmar for Provide useful materials of Pargna for all Gujarat Primary Teachers.

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