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NCERT Text Book Base GSEB SSC Exam 2020 Science Question Bank pdf Download

NCERT Text Book Base GSEB SSC Exam 2020 Science Question Bank pdf Download
Gseb SSC exam 2020 Come to Near in next march month. all Students Asking For SSC March 2020 Board Exams Science Question bank. this Most important Question Bank preparaed By District institute of Education and Technology DIET Bharuch Prepared most important Question Bank For Upcoming Board Exam.

Index For Science Question Bank :
SSC 10th paper style
Blue Print For Anual Exam
Important Formula
Part-A importants Questions
Part-B Importants Questions
Part-C Importants Questions
Part-D Importants Questions

Chepter Vise Marks For Science SSC EXAM 2020 ::
chepter-1 ::: Rasayanik prakriyao ane samikarano ::: 4 marks
Chepter-2 ::: Esid, Baise Ane Xar :::: 6 marks
Chepter-3 ::: Dhatuo ane Adhatuo :::: 5 marks
Chepter-4 ::: Carben ane tena sanyojano :::: 6 marks
Chepter-5 ::: Tatvonu aavarti vargikaran :::: 4 marks
Chepter-6 ::: Jaivik kriyao :::: 6 marks
Chepter-7 ::: Niyantran ane sankalan :::: 5 marks
Chepter-8 ::: Sajivo kevi rite prajanan kare chhe ? :::: 6 marks
Chepter-9 ::: Aanuvanshikta :::: 5 marks
Chepter-10 ::: Prakash ane vakribhavan :::: 6 marks
Chepter-11 ::: Manav aankh ane Rang be rangi duniya :::: 5 marks
Chepter-12 ::: Vidyut :::: 6 marks
Chepter-13 ::: Vidyut pravah ni chumbakiy asaro :::: 6 marks
Chepter-14 ::: Urja na stroto :::: 4 marks
Chepter-15 ::: Aapnu Paryavaran :::: 3 marks
Chepter-16 ::: Naisargik strotonu takau prabandhan :::: 3 marks
Bried Detail of GSEB Science Question Bank::::

Prepared By::: DIET Bharuch
Std ::: 10th
Subject ::: Science
Exam:: SSC Board Exam 2020
Total Pages :: 98

Science Question Bank Includes:::
Hetuo mujab gunbhar
Prashn na prakar mujab Gunbhar
PRakaran mujab Gunbhar
Part vise marks

Paperstyle For Science SSC Exam march 2020 :

PART-A ::: MCQ Questions - 16 marks
PART-B ::: Short Questions - With Limit of 40-50 Words-- 20 marks
PART-C::: Short Answer Questions -With Limit of 60-80 Words- 24 marks
PART-D ::: Long Answer Questions - 20 marks

Please Do not Refresh this page until Pdf Opened Completly. Because Pdf so Big so Take some time to open it.


Download Science Question Bank

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