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IBPS CRP RRBs-VIII-Officers Scale-I , II & III Interview Call Letter 2019

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has published Interview Call Letter for CRP RRBs-VIII-Officers Scale-I, II & III 2019, Check below for more details.

1. High CPC keywords
Write articles about the products which are having very high competition, high exposure in the market and is going to be evergreen. It means that choose keywords which are more profitable. How to do that? Its very simple.

Make one AdWords account and Go to Keyword Planner. Search for the keyword for which you are writing and optimizing your next article. When you search with your keyword, you will get a list of possible relevant keywords which are being used by the Advertisers. Choose the best matching relevant content whose suggested bid is high.

It means Advertisers will pay that much amount if they target that specific keyword while advertising. The higher the bid, the more you get paid if ads are coming on your pages based on that keyword.

For example, I am writing an article on AdSense. When I search “adsense” keyword in Adwords then it displays the particluar result in INR.

Here when sorted by suggested bid, it shows that “adsense software” keyword is a high CPC keyword. For this keyword, Advertisers are paying more and if I optimize my AdSense article along with this keyword, then I have more chances to get high CPC ads on my upcoming AdSense article.

You can use even other tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, or Semrush Keyword Overview for keyword analysis. But their indexing and CPC updation is not as much fast and up to date as Google Adwords.

2. Restriction of Ad Networks and Ads Types
For a minute assume that you have an article on furniture and you have written it like this. “Beautiful furniture available. Welcome yourself to your new home with new beautiful, elegantly designed black chairs, made to suit your daily needs, and to match your style in the most comfortable way.”


John is carpenter and want to sell Black chair with keyword “black chair”
Aussie is Marketing manager of XYZ Construction Groups and wants to sell new built homes.
When both people comes to Google to show their ads, Google finds out that your blog contains relevant articles for both of their advertisers. To deal with this situation, Google will now perform an auction. Advertiser willing to pay more, will get selected and he will have to pay more money to show ads on your blog. So the ads now showing on your article will generate high CPC and you will get more paid.

Coming out of the example, now open Google and type “how to increase CPC in Adsense“. I can guarantee you that you will find more then 50% of article stating that you should block the ads types and networks which are not relevant to your niche. Now you can judge yourself that which blog articles are good and bad for you.

After reading the above example, you saw that 2 advertisers from different networks and types competed for your ad space which landed the most high bidder ads on your site. If you would have blocked Aussie’s Real Estate related networks and ad types, then you would have got John’s ads on your website paying less for the same ad space. So don’t block any ads unless and until its very necessary.

Exam Name: CRP RRBs-VIII-Officers Scale-I, II & III 2019
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Important Dates:Commencement of Call letter Download: 06-11-2019
Closure of Call letter Download: 30-11-2019

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