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Gujarat Forest Departmental Exam Notification for Forester to RFO 2019

Gujarat Forest has published Departmental Exam Notification for the post of Forester to RFO 2019, Check below for more details.

Gujarat has total geographical area of 196024 Sq. Km. Out of which, 18961.69 Sq. Km. (9.67%) is declared forest area. State has wide variations in Geophysical and Eco-climatic conditions ranging from hot saline deserts to humid hilly tracts and from coast to high hills, which has resulted in to formation of various types of forest. These factors have bestowed the state with diversity of Flora and Fauna. Gujarat is rich in floral diversity of species, habitats and ecosystems that represents nearly 13% of the floristic diversity of the country. The majestic Asiatic Lion and Wild Ass have their last resorts of the world in Gujarat. The faunal biodiversity consists of 14% fishes, 18% reptiles, 37% avifauna and 25% of the mammal population of the country. Gujarat Forest Department is entrusted with the prime responsibility of protection, conservation and development of forest and wildlife of the state.
Vision & Mission


"Conservation and Development of all the natural resources and tree growth on sustainable basis for present and future generation."

To increase density of open and degraded forest to convert them as dense forests.
To improve grassland areas and maximise the grass production to satisfy peoples need.
Control and regulate the sustainable utilization of forest resources.
Provide livelihood opportunity to forest dependent communities and slowly make them independent of forests.
To practice socially-inclusive forestry and solicit co-operation and participation of the people and other stakeholders in greening the states.
To protect, conserve and enhance the wildlife and remnant biodiversity resources of the state by developing a suitable protected area network.
To promote non timber uses of forests such as Eco-tourism, Non-Timber Forest Produce, Medicinal Plants and Biodiversity.
To carry awareness on importance of forest and wildlife conservation for the purpose of creating a balanced and accountable population.
To ensure protection and expansion of Mangroves, sacred groves and other highly sensitive eco-systems.
To dissolve the issues of man-animal conflict.
To use modern technologies and scientific knowledge for practicing sustainable forest management.
To effort in direction of mitigating the climate change.

To increase tree cover outside the forest areas.
To encourage participation of people and institutions in plantation related activities.
To increase the production of forest produce (Small timber, firewood, fodder, fruits and other NTFP) to meet the daily needs of the local population and thereby compliment supplies from the forest areas.
To suitably use low productive and non productive lands through tree plantation.
To increase income of local people through tree planting.
To create livelihood opportunities to economically backward sections of rural communities.
To improve carbon stock in the tree cover outside forest areas.
Protection, Conservation and development of forests and wild life, the adoption of measures of soil conservation, moisture conservation and increasing soil fertility.
The utilization of the forest so as to obtain the maximum yield consistent with their permanent maintenance and the supply of the needs of the people, agriculture, industry and defense.
To conduct research into silviculture, utilization and other problems affecting the regeneration and development of the forests.
To achieve the goals of National Forest policy 1988 and to cover the maximum area under forests.
To create awareness among the people about the forests and environment.
To increase the active participation of the local people in protection and conservation of forest with special emphasis on tribal, poor and women.

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