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Know About Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana 2019

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana
India is considered to be the backbone of our country, with the employment of around 52% of the total population of the country running through agricultural or agro-based industries. Our farming is mostly rain-fed and farmers have to bear an accidental loss in agriculture due to unusual weather events such as flood, drought, cyclonic storms, and agricultural production remains uncertain. The Prime Minister's crop insurance scheme has been started by the government to provide protection against such losses.

Project Objectives

Financial support is provided to the farmers in a predictable way, with the loss or loss of crops.

To encourage farmers to adopt innovative and modern farming practices.

Credit flow can be ensured in agriculture and farmers can be protected with production risks.

Features of the scheme

Farmers will have to pay less premium and the burden of the remaining premium, which will be filled by the government even though 90% apart.

A premium for one season of food crops, pulses and oilseeds is to be kept.

At least the premium rate for farmers (rate) - One Crop One Premium (Kharif: Xx, Ravi: 1.5%, Annual Horticultural and Commercial crops: 5%)

Separate premium rates for districts and crops will now be exempt.

Since there is no limit on the sum insured, there will be no reduction in the claim amount.

Due to storms and monsoon rains, the risks associated with loss of sowing are included.

Water-stressing status is included in the list of local risks.

There is an emphasis on the widely used mobile and satellite technology for a quick assessment of the exact estimates and claims.

The unit of insurance in the plan

Premium Calculator
Important dates

Important Instructions
You can use the premium calculator to see the first insurance premium count.

The details of the application are divided into three parts.

Part-I applicant's primary information.

Part-II Landlord and landlord's information about the applicant's land.

Part-III. Information on crop land area and its insurance

The applicant must give the mobile number and it will be informed about this plan by SMS.

The applicant has to fill the details of Part B2, and 3.

The applicant will take the print out of the proposal letter and submit it to the bank and get his receipt from there.

There will be no improvement in the application form (proposal letter) by the applicant who receives the acknowledgment of the application form (proposal letter) by the bank.

The bank will not be able to accept another form for the survey number other than the bank which has accepted the form of the serial number and given its online receipt.

As long as the entire area of ​​a survey number is not fully used, different areas of the regional area can be made and banks can accept it.

If the applicant submits the printed letter of the proposal letter to the bank and after obtaining his receipt, if the other details of the crop or crop are found to be correct, then it will be filled in the declaration by printing his declaration and presenting it to the bank.

If the farmer is found to have forgotten the details of the form and the form has been accepted by the bank, the farmer will be able to fill the new form in the bank and the bank can cancel the old form and accept new forms.

GR for the Prime Minister's Fiscal Bima Scheme

Application Status

Part 1 - Details of the applicant

Part 2 - Details of the depositor

Part 3 - Details about crops and land related to using insurance plans

Declaration roll

Declaration of print

Gujarati PDF

Pak Vima G.R

Online Arji Form Pak Vima Yojna

Documents required for Prime Minister Fazal Bima Yojna

The government has already started implementation of the Prime Minister Fazal Bima scheme. In this, if the crop is damaged due to natural crisis, the farmers will receive financial assistance from the government. Farmers do not have to worry about high premiums for crop insurance policies. If you want to register under the scheme, then look at the documents that make the law, in which case you will have to make a claim when applying.

Documents for application application

During the application under PMFBY, farmers or farmers will have to provide the following documents with insurance papers:

Land related documents - Any farmer can opt for crop protection with insurance policy. Being a land owner is not mandatory. If farmers are cultivating land on rent, they can also get insurance. But for the approval of the application, farmers will have to provide photocopies of land legal papers.

Proof of identity - The applicant must provide photocopies to support their claim of identity. Any document containing the name, address and photograph of the applicant will be accepted. Can provide any support card, PAN card, ration card, voter ID card or any such document.

Bank account documents - such as the premium amount must be deposited in the bank account and the money received during the settlement of the claim will also be transferred to the farmer's bank account, it is mandatory to give details of bank account to the farm worker.

Announcement of sowing - Apart from the above documents, the farmer has to issue land declaration. The certificate will contain all the details related to the crop implanted in the land and its estimated valuation.

Support card - Last but not last; The farmer has to give details of the base card. Unique identification code has been made compulsory for each government scheme. It is necessary for seed with bank account. Aadhaar card mandatory in Fazal Bima scheme
Documents required for the claim process
If a crop is damaged due to a natural disaster, the farmer is entitled to receive the specified amount in the insurance policy papers. If you have to claim, you will need to provide the following documents:

Claim Form - To get insurance money, the farmer will have to collect the claim form and after properly paying it the relevant authority will have to submit it. Make sure all the necessary details are present in the form.
Land note - Providing land details on which crops need to be grown. With valid information, the authorities can verify and support farmers' claims.

Insurance Agency Information - If a farmer has taken an insurance policy from a third party insurance agency, they will have to provide all the details of the company. It is necessary that the claim will be settled by the agency.

File Name

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)

Revised Operational Guidelines of "Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana" (PMFBY)-English

Operational Guidelines of "Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana"

Operational Guidelines of PMFBY-Hindi

PMFBY Scheme-English

PMFBY Basic Features-English

PMFBY Basic Features-Hindi

Press Note


Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)-Operational Guidelines (OGs) 

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