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State Granted Secondary and Higher Vacancy for 5284 teachers in the school relted News Report

State Granted Secondary and Higher Vacancy for 5284 teachers in the school
Problems • Demand for candidates to be recruited as per the order: Recruitment of teachers should be done simultaneously

Tat passes to Bhaskar News Gandhinagar to be recruited

- Problems have been asked by the candidates when the new session is in progress.

State's Granted Secondary as well Education Department Government and

| Approximate in the state's approved secondary and higher secondary schools

Granted Higher Secondary Schools in Higher Secondary Schools

The vacancies of 5284 teachers are vacant. When in the next few days

An estimated 5284 teachers

Recruitment with Government and Granted in the same way as the new session is being initiated, government is similarly similar

Spaces are empty. Then in government, and granted secondary schools

Major and rank of teachers in secondary and upper secondary schools

And Granted Secondary as well

TAT candidates are recruited as demanded by the candidates. Recruitment by rank with teachers

In higher secondary schools - have been requested.

Of the state

In order to fill the vacancies of teachers and to be vacant, candidates will be given any government or grant in the home or homeland.

Do not demand TAT candidates As a result, secondary and upper secondary students go to nearby Tap City as well as to favorite cities

Have done. It is worth mentioning that the old candidates are applying for the absence of job vacancies. Teachers' positions in schools

Candidates have been raised because of their application. As a result, there is a large recruit for the new vacancy despite high merit

Apart from being the merit of the new candidates and the demand for the job of the candidates for the state government, Tata will be given a job

Yet, while recruiting careers of living in a job, they become like a leopard. Pass candidates tomorrow's date

Tot candidates have been accused. If done according to the order, the state's granted secondary and education from Tuesday, 4th Tuesday

The minister will write to the Higher Secondary Schools who come to the Chairmanship of Government and Granted New Candidates across the state.

Secondary and Higher Secondary Demands for Tata Pass candidates are approximately 5284 teachers shortage. This is so

Teachers have made schools in schools. It is necessary for the teachers to be older in the recruitment of the teachers so that the state government is going to get bigger.

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