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6 thi 8 Ma vikalp leva mate Kemp Nu Aayojan Karava Babat No Niyamak No Paripatra

6 thi 8 Ma vikalp leva mate Kemp Nu Aayojan Karava Babat No Niyamak No Paripatra.

Subject: - To be included in the standard 6 to 8 camping option. Reference: Resolution of the Education Department: PRE / 11/2012/52036 / QT Regarding the above mentioned subject, the education department's reference to include primary and secondary teachers (graduate / PTC or graduate / B.Ed) in primary education (standard 6 to 8) with duty to be imparted in primary education. The matter has been settled. According to the provision of this resolution, the option to go for higher primary education (Std - 6 to 8) from April 1 to April 30, every year, to provide the provisions of the above resolution, to give priority to going to higher primary education (Std - 6 to 8) Details about the option camps made by the teachers who got the options. By the 5th of July 2019, you will have to go to the link given to you in the prescribed format below.

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