Happy New Year wish msg 2018 whatsapp status

Happy New Year wish msg 2018 whatsapp status

Tammy is the only one to open the vault. The team finds out that room 9C, connected to the vault through duct system, is booked for a participant in the World Dance Championship. The group refuses, but Charlie re-motivates the group, convincing them to become a dance team. The film moves to a flashback— Manohar, met Charan Grover, who gave him a contract to build an impenetrable vault. After the vault was completed, Charan drugged Manohar and conned him into stealing the diamonds by using his fingerprints. The film returns where desperate to win the competition, they employ many dance teachers, but to no avail. In desperation, Nandu introduces Charlie to Mohini Joshi, who is a Marathi bar dancer. Mohini eventually helps them learn to dance, unaware of their intentions. Charlie and Mohini grow very close.

They manage to qualify in the first round by bribing the judges and eventually win the competition to represent Team India in the WDC by gaining votes through hacking. Many viewers despise them for their lack of skill, but Charlie and his team (sans Mohini) are all only concerned with the heist. In Dubai, Team Korea are especially hostile towards Team India, including Grover, their sponsor. At the semifinal, Charlie saves a Korean member, instantly gaining respect and admiration from the audience. India advances to finals after judges are moved by Charlie's action. Team India becomes loved by all. After going over the plan, everything is ready. The team learn that the diamonds will arrive on New Year's Eve instead of Christmas, which impedes the heist.

Mohini ends up hearing about heist, angrily confronting Charlie and his false motivations of the competition. Charlie reveals that Manohar is actually dead; following arrest, he appealed for a trial, but Grover bribed Manohar's lawyers. The next day, Manohar committed suicide by slitting his wrists. Charlie kept this a secret to avoid demoralisation. However, the team makes their determination to avenge Manohar even stronger. Mohini joins the team and helps them for the heist.

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