Gujarat government's important announcement on the demand of Talati ministers

Gujarat government's important announcement on the demand of Talati ministers

A meeting was held with the government of the panchayat Talati Mahamandal. After which the government has accepted 50% of the demands including the main demands of the Talati. Deputy Prime Minister Nitin Patel announced that the government has canceled the conditional promotion provision as an extension officer. Nitin Patel said that the government has decided to remove all the three conditions previously held. He said that the government has made the decision in the same way that the employees are paid in the pay scale. This will benefit the Talati ministers of more than 12,000 panchayats.

Government has announced Diwali bonuses for employees of state government's Class-IV employees. The employees of 32,000 class-4 employees of the state have announced bonus of Rs 3,500. Class-IV employees, who grant government grants to different hospitals in government institutions including government, panchayat, granted institutions, universities, will get the benefit of Diwali bonuses.

Before Diwali, the government has tried to make class four officials happy. This will give the government a burden of about 14-15 crore. On the other hand, the government has also agreed to the Talati ministers. The government has accepted the main trio of Talati ministers. Before Diwali, the government is trying to please class 3-4 officers. Also, the BJP has to face the 2019 elections in the coming days. There is still a problem of farmers for the government. This year the rain has been frozen.

So government employees have been trying to please the government. But the government has not yet made any announcement for the farmers. The government has only announced the purchase of the crop at the support price. But the farmers are demanding the implementation of the scheme. The government is repeatedly demanding to get the right price for its crop and reduce the burden of the shortfall in the monsoon from the farmer. So when the government is going to do any action on this issue.

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