Computer Based Attendance system applicable from 19th Novembor

Central Attendant System for the first time in Gujarat will be implemented from Monday: 3 lakh students in primary schools in the State: 5 lakh students in primary schools: Government's latest experiment to arrest haunted students and teachers with regularity of attendance

Rajkot, Ta. 14: New education session to monitor the presence of students and teachers in the government primary schools by the state government. Since November 19, computer-based, modern Central Attendant system will be implemented. This kind of method is being used for the first time in Gujarat and in the country for the first time in schools. Biometric methods may also come in the future.

According to the sources of education department, There are 32,500 government schools from 1 to 8. In which 53 lakh children are registered. A special app to check the presence of school children and teachers. Has been created. In which the school's responsible person will have to enter the prescribed time limit for the attendance of teachers and students. It is necessary to display name jog information, not just numbers.

This is the day when the state government is aware of the number of teachers and students in which school is present. The government will conduct a surprise check to verify the information provided by the school. Legal action will be made against the wrong information provider.

The complaints of teachers' irregularities will be overcome by checking the presence of the central system. The information about the absent students will reach the government.

The government will be able to investigate the causes of continuous or frequent absences due to need. This new system will be useful for catching ghost teachers and ghost students, by falsely or by the name of an unnamed name or just by the name of the paper, elements of the government's educational plans will be reinforced. This will give the government an economic advantage. Government wants to implement the Attendant system since the first day of the new session, which will provide alternate arrangements where there is no internet system in schools. The government is preparing to amend the system after reviewing the implementation of the system.

If this verification method of attendance in primary schools is successful, then government government schools in the future will be considered for implementing it.

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Source:: Dhunt News report

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